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Core Support

This is CMC Dataworks’ essential level of support. This covers the anticipated monthly maintenance needed to ensure that latest threat updates are installed, backups are properly executing, patches and firmware are applied to all core equipment. These activities will be performed remotely. The cost is based on the number of devices installed and the estimated hours to ensure the systems are adequately maintained.  If your firm requires additional technical support, it will be billed at our hourly rate.

Core Plus

All services offered with Core Support, with up to an additional six (6) hours of as-needed support for you and your team per quarter. If you and your team require additional IT support hours beyond the allocated 6 hours, time will be billed at a 5% off our hourly rate.

Concierge 15

All services offered in Core Support with up to fifteen (15) hours of as-needed support per quarter.  If additional on-site IT support is required beyond the fifteen (15) hours per quarter, it will be billed at 15% off our hourly rate.

Call for special not-for-profit pricing

Custom Concierge

If none of the above options work for your particular scenario and you require more support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We would be happy to design a customized support contract to fit your particular needs.

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